The Wealthy Being ™

Wealthy Being is how T.M. Describes Wealth from a holistic perspective. “Wealth” is defined as a limitless supply of a particular resource and “Being” is defined as ones entire existence, therefore Wealthy Being is limitless access to all resources in every area of existence. Wealthy Being has 5 main pillars that include but are not limited to Mental, Spiritual or Ethical, Emotional, Physical and Relational or Community Wealth. Mental Wealth or wealth of the mind is necessary in order to hone and harness the other areas of wealth. Mental Wealth is crucial in order to develop ones vision of self, others and opportunity therefore mental wealth is where all forms of wealth are initially
developed. Spiritual Wealth is quantified as our ethics, morales, values and principles and is largely developed based on many of the principles of mental wealth and ultimately who we choose to be. Emotional Wealthy is largely created through the development of a high level of emotional intelligence, empathy and the ability to remain objective about ones feelings while remaining connected to them. Physical wealth is divided between
Physical health and Financial Wealth. While physical health is more detrimental to success than financial, both are required to advance to the higher levels of Wealthy Being. Last but not least is Relational/Community wealth. The development of Wealthy Relationships personally lead to the development of a Wealthy Community and without this form of wealth the rest are near impossible to sustain. Developing strong relationships is intrinsic to garnering wealth within our personal, familial and professional lives. Wealthy Being requires developing all areas of the self, neglecting none and becoming the most amazing version of ourselves continually.